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On Whores

Meghan Murphy is angry. Mind you, she’s a feminist so she’s perpetually angry. I can understand. If I were in a constant war with the unstoppable might of hetero-capitalist patriarchy, I’d be pretty angry too. I can also relate to … Continue reading

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Caligula’s Council Episode 4 X Ascending the Tower

Ladies and Gentlemen, Caligula’s Council Episode 4 is on the air! In which we interview Nick B. Steves and Anthony DeMarco from Ascending the Tower. We deeply apologize for our audio quality causing our guests to sound like robots. We … Continue reading

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The I Ching on Donald Trump: A Call for Nonaction

After reading Philip K. Dick’s alternate history novel The Man in the High Castle, I was inspired to obtain a copy of the I Ching also known as The Book of Changes. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese fortune … Continue reading

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Caligula’s Council Episode 2: A Bowl of Melons

Ladies and gentlemen, goys and goyls, dindus and dindettes of all ages, Caligula’s Council Episode 2 is on the air! In which we discuss the final issue of the San Francisco Guardian, racial segregation, homeless people defecating in a river, … Continue reading

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Ruminations on the Nature of Sin

The following is a series of excerpts from the Penguin Classics publication of The White People and Other Weird Stories by Arthur Machen. In the prologue a Catholic mystic named Ambrose shares a dialogue with a man named Cotgrave, who has been … Continue reading

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A Little Twist of Cain: A Review of Grendel

John Gardner’s Grendel was assigned to my high school English class. I don’t remember much of what we discussed in class, which might be evidence that what we managed to cover wasn’t very substantial. One moment from the discussion stands out in … Continue reading

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Joy in a Time of Darkness: A Review of The Master and Margarita

A friend of the blog gave me a copy of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, recommending it because its themes are relevant to reactionary thinkers. Upon finishing it, I couldn’t agree more. The Master and Margarita should be required reading for anyone … Continue reading

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The Left that Should Not Be

Earlier today I was thinking back to a particular day when I encountered some Jehovah’s Witnesses on my doorstep. I was raking the leaves in the front yard, so they essentially cornered me. They served me pamphlets after talking to me … Continue reading

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Moar AAA

I’m surprised to see the positive response my previous post on AAA has garnered. First off, I’d like to thank New International Outlook and Nick Land for linking to the post. These past two days has resulted in the highest … Continue reading

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Phrases that Need to be Euthanized

Dealing with progressives in my daily life has become increasingly harder to do. It’s bad enough that it’s become impossible for me to log onto Facebook without encountering meaningless platitudes about how tolerant we should be, but it’s now come to the … Continue reading

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