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Caligula’s Council Episode 6: A Christmas Digression

Merry belated Christmas from Caligula’s Council! In which we are joined by special guest AntiDem. Here we discuss usury, California’s disgraceful public transportation system, My Little Pony, oh yeah and Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. Enjoy!   Advertisements

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The Childfree Revolt Against Life

“I refused to acknowledge the idea of suffering inflicted by a God, I deluded myself that pessimism could be a solace of superior minds. What stupidity! That certainly was not confirmed by experience, that had nothing of the ‘human document’–to … Continue reading

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On Whores

Meghan Murphy is angry. Mind you, she’s a feminist so she’s perpetually angry. I can understand. If I were in a constant war with the unstoppable might of hetero-capitalist patriarchy, I’d be pretty angry too. I can also relate to … Continue reading

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Caligula’s Council Episode 5: Dead Puppy Removal Service

Caligula’s Council Episode 5 is on the air! In which we discuss Parasyte -the maxim-: Environmentalism, Sociopathy, Altruism, and Bow Ties. Watch Parasyte: Studio Ghibli’s Parasyte that never was: Robinson Jeffers:

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Caligula’s Council Episode 4 X Ascending the Tower

Ladies and Gentlemen, Caligula’s Council Episode 4 is on the air! In which we interview Nick B. Steves and Anthony DeMarco from Ascending the Tower. We deeply apologize for our audio quality causing our guests to sound like robots. We … Continue reading

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Caligula’s Council Episode 3: 3 Edgy 5 Amazon

Caligula’s Council Episode 3 is finally here everyone! In which Obergruppenführer Nothingface and Irradiated Inspector Watt discuss Philip K. Dick’s novel The Man in the High Castle and compare it to Amazon Prime’s TV Series The Man in the High Castle now streaming free for … Continue reading

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The I Ching on Donald Trump: A Call for Nonaction

After reading Philip K. Dick’s alternate history novel The Man in the High Castle, I was inspired to obtain a copy of the I Ching also known as The Book of Changes. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese fortune … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Michigan Plot

The following is a guest post from a radiated light bulb. It’s hard to visualize a distributed blind conspiracy. A trend pushing throughout a culture, waves pouring forth from occulted powers. Let’s take a look at a snapshot of power. … Continue reading

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The Black Mirror of Retribution

If you must watch anything on TV, the BBC series Black Mirror is the show. It’s a science fiction anthology series in a similar vein to The Twilight Zone that raises questions about the implications of new technologies and whether or not new … Continue reading

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Caligula’s Council Episode 2: A Bowl of Melons

Ladies and gentlemen, goys and goyls, dindus and dindettes of all ages, Caligula’s Council Episode 2 is on the air! In which we discuss the final issue of the San Francisco Guardian, racial segregation, homeless people defecating in a river, … Continue reading

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