Moar AAA

I’m surprised to see the positive response my previous post on AAA has garnered. First off, I’d like to thank New International Outlook and Nick Land for linking to the post. These past two days has resulted in the highest amount of traffic this blog has seen. I hope at some point I’ll be posting articles that warrant such a large amount of linkage more regularly.

Lots of neoreactionaries besides NIO and Land consider the idea of AAA tantalizing, which actually surprised me. There are various ways to implement AAA, from the moderate to the extreme. NIO’s most recent post here (he’s been especially prolific with this concept. I’m impressed) classifies various means of pursuing AAA as a strategy. They range from “Confusion Trolling” to “Ratchet Breaking.” Allowing for a range of tactics is particularly helpful in this case, as it allows for reactionaries implementing AAA to decide which strategies will lead to the outcome we desire most.

The most radical of the strategies is Ratchet Breaking, which I doubt most reactionaries would consider a desirable outcome in and of itself. Those among you who read my first post on AAA will probably notice its cautious tone. This was deliberate since I suspected something like “Ratchet Breaking” could occur if AAA were implemented without restraint. NIO suggests that under this strategy, leftist chaos would be occurring on rightist terms. Since rightists are going to be the ones implementing the chaos that comes from Left Singularity, the assumption is that rightists will have covert pro-civilization safety measures in place so as to offset the damage inherent to Left Singularity. If we decide that Ratchet Breaking is the ultimate conclusion of AAA (which NIO cautions is not for the faint at heart),  then we should figure out what specific pro-civilization strategies we should implement in tandem with AAA.

With that cautious disclaimer out of the way, I’d like to reiterate how impressed I am with how quickly the AAA meme has spread among neoreactionaries. If NIO’s latest post on the subject is any indication, there is a swath of applications of the AAA strategy all of which could lead to a myriad of desirable outcomes for neoreaction.

Take for instance Slate Star Scratchpad’s commentary on AAA in which he speculates about AAA’s implementation taken to comical proportions. While amusing, Slate Star’s post implies that the Left could catch on to AAA, and respond with some DAA (Disagree, Amplify, Accelerate). This could be a desirable outcome for the Right because it means we might not have to do all of the heavy lifting when trying to rebuild a stable civilization once leftward drift has reached its climax. The Left itself would be forced to offset leftward drift.

On the other hand, some accelerationists have caught on to AAA, outlining another potential Leftist response:

To a Leftist who is confident that leftward drift won’t lead to apocalypse, AAA is probably the most important development in Rightist political strategy because it gives them exactly the outcome they desire. All they have to do is accelerate the process Rightists have already initiated. But to a Rightist, this is desirable because from our perspective the Left is now actively bringing about their own downfall. So whether the Left resists AAA or encourages it at their own peril, either outcome will lead to the initiation of stable Rightist institutions. It’s a win-win.

I initially came up with the strategy of AAA as an expansion of NIO’s concept of Activism Judo. Now it has become difficult to come up with an apt metaphor to describe it. It seems to be a bizarre combination of jiu-jitsu, poker, and chicken. Both the Left and Right place bets on the outcome of Left Singularity and grapple with each other using the other’s weight against them. Ultimately one of them will be subdued, and the other will be victorious. It’s just a matter of whether one side caves in to the other, or if one of them gets knocked out to the point where they won’t get up for at least another 100 years.

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