To Do List

My thoughts are still pretty scattered right now. This is just a humble attempt at organizing them. I’m tired of staring at a blog with no content.

1. Quite some time ago, Nick Land suggested a formal defense of plutocracy might be in order for neoreaction. I like the idea, and I’m thinking it might lend itself to a defense of neocameralism in general. I could easily see neocameralism taking a plutocratic form. Obviously I’ll need to review Moldbug and maybe read up on the Robber Barons while I’m at it.

2. Read up on some ethics; Aristotle and Santayana in particular are on my reading list.

3. A piece on the relationship between horror fiction and metaphysics has been lingering in my mind for quite some time now.

4. Unfortunately I’m not terribly well-versed in innovation economics or Austrian economics. Time to read more Schumpeter and Mises. 

So far that’s it. Sadly, this post isn’t very substantial. More will come; I hope.

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